Winter in the Rockies
Winter in the Rockies

Modern and Professional

Clean design and professional markup optimizes websites for quick browsing. Image on home page displays current season.

Industry Standards

Accessible markup coded in any editor using graceful degradation / progressive enhancement are done where requested.

Applications Development

Customization and integration of social media apps and other API services into layout design makes websites more relevant.
This website has been designed and developed with semantics, accessibility and website optimization in mind. The site is cross-browser compatible in all web browsers and past versions, including IE 7 and 8. Conversely, this layout incorporates a nice balance of white space to create an open airy feel. The site adjusts depending on the users operating platform and screen setting height and width. Transparency has been incorporated in order to make the site more versatile along with integrated, customized networking apps like WordPress, Twitter, Google Analytics and Delicious.

After client collaboration and design approval, tableless CSS structures are built with light, semantic markup code. Markup code allows the integration of customizable social applications, lightning-quick pages and search engine indexability. Under the hood, all code is organized and presentable.