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I'm a Senior Web Designer and Applications Developer currently based in Arlington, Virginia.

If you like what you have seen about this website, and the work I do and would like to make an inquiry or proposal, get in touch.  Any other messages you might have to say, send away. Thanks for visiting, and have an enjoyable day.

Networking Info

Networked via LinkedIn:   RobMDesign
quoteWithout Rob's involvement the project would not have succeeded. He was professional, possessed a can-do attitude and had excellent communication with the team. He responded quickly and thoroughly to hot fixes and optimized the page load time of the sites. With Rob's help, our site iteratively improved. After a few tweaks to our systems after receiving actual live game data from the first few matches (there's no better test than production, right?!), we were in full swing. Rob collaborated very well with other team members including: our front-end designer, UX lead, backend developer, and social media manager. I greatly valued his persistence and willingness to take a proactive approach to finding and resolving technical issues.quote

- Brian Williamson
Project Manager
Broadcasting Board of Governors