NCSA screenshot

National Cued Speech Association

Web Designer and Developer (New Site & Theme)

In this major website project, I signed up to work directly with the National Cued Speech Association (NCSA) for a months-long project. I started out by working with NCSA board members (Vice President and Executive Director) in discussing the organization's vision, long-term goals as well as current design practices and trends. In addition I shared my knowledge of current user experience (UX) best practices which they agreed with.

The next step involved coming up with designing a series of related thematic designs (mockups) in Photoshop including features from select websites as suggested by the board. After further revisions, the final layout design was approved. I then developed a custom, fully semantic, table-less HTML5 structure with integrated image, icon and logo assets as well as final touches design-wise with CSS styling work. I ensured the NCSA logo had accompanying text in meeting accessibility needs and was placed off-screen, out of reach from even the largest, widest screens. All content headers were text-based and images had appropriate alt descriptions for the blind and visually-disabled.

Last but not least, ensuing work involved the building of a featured news slideshow as well as advertisement section for the organizations future marketing efforts. I then installed WordPress into the website and integrated the new calendar plug-in through research for the one that met the board's needs. In keeping up with the overall website theme, I integrated my custom design into the calendar pages.

The contact and registration pages were built with HTML5 tags, CSS styling and PHP programming following accessibility guidelines and best practices. Additionally, there was no need to install Google reCaptcha screening due to HTML5 / PHP built-in requirements for assigned input boxes as well as the need for users to provide a complete email address. I then tested and ensured the emails (copies to both the recipient and sender) passed stringent spam filters in Gmail, Yahoo among others.

All in all, I completed and tested a 170+ page (240 pages if you include PDF documents) website that meets graceful degradation and cross-browser requirements in all browsers and Internet Explorer (IE) versions. The site is complete with advertisements, forms, slideshows, social media apps and WordPress calendar through custom JavaScript and jQuery programming. All CSS work is done through SASS and minified for faster bandwidth times.

Focus | Duties Website Design Development / Programming Calendar Project Management
Expertise CSS2 | HTML WordPress JavaScript | jQuery Photoshop Illustrator
Work Environment PHP, Apache, WordPress, Social Apps and Notepad++
quoteRob McIntosh is a more than a website designer and developer, he is a consultant. In today's competitive marketplace, now more than ever your website is a reflection of your company's brand. Rob's keen awareness of this is what led my organization to him. He does not attempt to put a square peg in a round hole rather he invests the necessary time in getting to know you, your business, and your goals before creating custom solutions for your organization. His depth of knowledge on web strategy and design in conjunction with his unique ability to truly listen to the client's needs are what elevate Rob above his peers. I recommend him without reservation.quote

- John Brubaker, Director - Seeds of Success, The Movie -

APTC Curricullum screenshot

College Board

User Interface Developer (New Site)

At the College Board under a six month contract, I was paired up with a (newly-assembled) cross-functional team of developers / engineers, programmers and project manager. We were assigned to build the new Advanced Placement Teachers Community (APTC) website from the ground up and at the end of the campaign, to use the resulting framework template to duplicate from and built the following account-based APTC websites including AP German, AP French, AP History and AP Calculus among others. APTC website sections included the curriculum framework, resources, discussions, library and network. At the outset, project specifications directed that the APTC website be built on the Liferay Enterprise platform.

The team met daily for stand up meetings during two week agile sprints. Each engineer was paired up with a programmer and each pairing was assigned specific APTC assignments, whether layout or portal work to complete before showcasing the functional work in front of College Board managers in demo meetings at the end of sprints.

At the beginning of each sprint, I started out by designing custom APTC portals based on wireframe details and final designs as provided by the graphic design department. Ensuing work involved using Photoshop in enhancing / cropping images, icons and layout assets. Next was to carefully and seamlessly build a table-less CSS / HTML structure within Java Server Pages and integrate the layout assets as tags within and following up with external CSS styling work. A majority of work involved fleshing out the APTC layout and portals - this work followed object oriented CSS (OOCSS) best practices for use within Java applets and in the JSP framework within Liferay.

Accordingly in following up on completing these critical assignments, I built custom portals including complete forms, RTE comment boxes, advanced navigation panels and user-based rating systems (up to five stars) in naming a few tasks I completed. During the second week of each sprint, I teamed up with the software programmer to merge our related work - my user interface portal designs with his custom-built Java programming. Together, we integrated our work into the custom portals I designed / developed and tested in verifying portal functionality and its integration within the platform and database. At the end of the sprint, we showcased our work in the demo meeting.

Related development work involved programming animated layers, transitions and other HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery features in enhancing the look, feel and functionality of each portal from an appealing, user-friendly standpoint. During the completion of my work a day or two before the demo session, I tested the new webpages and accompanying portal work in all browsers for cross-browser compatibility as well as functionality. Additionally, I conducted graceful degradation work in testing, troubleshooting and streamlining the pages, ensuring they rendered correctly in all IE versions (IE7 and up). Next, Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts reviewed and tested the pages in all browsers, verifying cross-browser compatibility. This included testing them in confirming they functioned correctly. Testing was done on staging and production servers. A majority of work was done with Python, HTML editors and in a LAMP environment.

Focus | Duties UI Engineering Design & Development Agile / Scrum Meetings
Expertise JavaScript jQuery CSS2 / CSS3 XHTML Photoshop / Illustrator
Work Environment MacIntosh OS, Python, SVN, Cornerstone, Liferay Enterprise System, and Notepad++
NG Daily News screenshot

National Geographic Society

UI Development

At the National Geographic Society, I provided on-site support, consulting and user interface work during the Digital Media department's transition from the old publishing enterprise platform (WPF) to the new Django publishing platform - all CMS-type platforms.

One of the many NGS projects I worked on was the Daily News section. The Digital Media producers wanted an upgraded Daily News template structure in the WPF platform backend for non-technical staff (publishing department). This involved a more complete, user-friendly CMS panel allowing more control over slideshow-generated lead teases and links for featured articles in efforts to hook more readers. They wanted editorial control over this, rather than through standard WPF-generated automation.

This was accomplished when I created new backend CMS features through new XML tags and in creating object-oriented modules (lead teases and links) in the Daily News template that accessed these new XML tags back-end wise through Django, CSS and JavaScript programming.

Various completed projects (design, development and programming) included the Nirvana Sweepstakes section, Daily News slideshow-based articles and work in the Animals, Environment and Adventure website sections.

Focus | Duties UI Development Backend Programming Dynamic Layouts Project Management
Expertise Django CSS2 / CSS3 XHTML JavaScript jQuery Photoshop
Work Environment MacIntosh OS, Web Publishing Framework (WPF), Version Control (Git), Python, Fabric and Komodo
Sweepstakes screenshot

National Geographic Society

Nirvana Sweepstakes Project

Through a temporary UI Development contract at the National Geographic Society, I provided on-site support, consulting and user interface work during the Digital Media department's transition from the old publishing enterprise platform (WPF) to the new Django publishing platform - all CMS-type platforms.

One of the many NGS projects I worked on was the Daily News section. The Digital Media producers wanted an upgraded Daily News template structure in the WPF platform backend for non-technical staff (publishing department). This involved a more complete, user-friendly CMS panel allowing more control over slideshow-generated lead teases and links for featured articles in efforts to hook more readers. They wanted editorial control over this, rather than through standard WPF-generated automation.

This was accomplished when I created new backend CMS features through new XML tags and in creating object-oriented modules (lead teases and links) in the Daily News template that accessed these new XML tags back-end wise through Django, CSS and JavaScript programming.

Various completed projects (design, development and programming) included the Nirvana Sweepstakes section, Daily News slideshow-based articles and work in the Animals, Environment and Adventure website sections.

Focus | Duties Backend Programming Design and Development Project Management Teamwork Support
Expertise Django CSS2 XHTML JavaScript jQuery Photoshop
Work Environment MacIntosh OS, Web Publishing Framework (WPF), Version Control (Git), Python, Fabric and Komodo
T-Search Alpha screenshot

Streamsage | T-Search Alpha

UI Programming

At Streamsage (a research and product subsidary within Comcast Cable Communications) under a long-term contract, I worked on a small team within the User Experience Research department and enjoyed every minute of it. During my time there, I applied my user-centered design and programming expertise in various multimedia projects including T-Search Alpha, Browse Data Services and the iPad UX exploratory project.

The T-Search Alpha project required a great deal of programming work. I added in new features to the T-Search Alpha interface through work with JavaScript, jQuery and making requests to the MySQL / BerkelyDB database through JS / AJAX commands. This involved reading Comcast multimedia data (JSON) using Firebug and harnessing specific feeds by tapping and passing them through new & existing functions into object-oriented CSS classes for display on the interface in a relevant, personalized manner. Additionally programmed in animated layers, transitions, fades and other scripting features in streamlining the look, feel and functionality of search response displays from a user standpoint.

Related T-Search Alpha work involved working with the graphic designers in upgrading the search / suggestion interface with genre additions, new layout features, icons and putting together a functional search panel containing letters / numbers and symbols for entering in multimedia data search requests.

Focus | Duties Programming UX Design UI Development User Focus Groups / Feedback
Expertise JavaScript jQuery CSS2 | HTML JSON AJAX Photoshop
Work Environment Apache, Eclipse IDEs, Maven, Ant, JSP and Notepad++
iPad UX screenshot

Streamsage | User Experience iPad App Work

UX Research, Design and Wireframing

At Streamsage / Comcast, I was involved in three UX / UI research projects, one of them in which I conducted groundbreaking work under the guidance of the UX research department manager was the iPad remote control exploration project. This was an undertaking in which my design, development and programming expertise, creativity and exploring the unknown came into play.

Since a patent was filed for the iPad app project, I can't go into the product's details but can outline the creative and technical efforts I put into it. At the outset of this undertaking, I applied my user experience expertise into sketching and wireframing initial leads based on what I gathered in meetings with my supervisor. Through a succession of sketches and wireframes, I further honed the screen flow process through UX meeting sessions. It was during this process that I overcame conceptual challenges, screenflow issues and group-think blocks with innovative solutions to overcome them from a satisfying user standpoint.

I then converted the finalized sketches into iPad interaction screenflow presentations through Photoshop and iPlotz work. My iPad project demo was approved in a high-level meeting of department heads and then officially filed and locked up as a patent through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Focus | Duties Programming UX Design UI Development User Focus Groups / Feedback
Expertise JavaScript jQuery CSS2 | HTML JSON AJAX iPlotz Photoshop
Work Environment Apache, Eclipse IDEs, Maven, Ant, JSP and Notepad++
Browse Data Services screenshot

Streamsage | Browse Data Search

Email Newsletter Marketing

Last but not least, the third major UX / UI project that I completed at Comcast / Streamsage was the Browse Data Search project. This was in addition to various smaller projects that came in between those three projects. I was asked to undertake a major search media project initiative which was to seamlessly replace the old Browse Data Search interface with a new layout design as provided by the media design team.

I analyzed the projects functional specifications needed to meet all requirements. Set up a new laptop work environment to meet the projects requirements and completion targets. Attended daily agile / scrum meetings in updating the team on the project's status and timeline. Used Photoshop / Illustrator to slice the layout design into clean, tight quality images, icons and layout features and put together as CSS sprite files for faster, seamless presentation displays.

Next moved on to the meat of the project in building a scalable, tableless layout (CSS) and then carefully integrated existing JavaScipt, jQuery and AJAX code into the underlying structure's classes and div tags according to proper naming conventions. From JSP servers, threaded in the JSON multimedia data through the JS / jQuery / AJAX functions and into the object-oriented CSS classes. Completed work resulted in an effective search interface in providing requested information by users as highly relevant, personalized search displays.

The completed interface has three major components, the structure, the CSS skins and the appropriately named CSS classes within the structure in which the backend programming converts multimedia data from databases into targeted multimedia search results.

Focus | Duties Programming UX Design UI Development User Focus Groups / Feedback
Expertise JavaScript jQuery CSS2 | HTML JSON AJAX Illustrator Photoshop
Work Environment Apache, Eclipse IDEs, Maven, Ant, JSP and Notepad++
Mosaic Technologies screenshot

Mosaic Technologies

Project Management | Search Engine Marketing | Web Hosting

At Mosaic Technologies, I assumed a number of roles and responsibilities besides the usual web design & development projects. The company's primary mission is in helping small businesses and international companies further establish a professional online prescence with their websites, marketing and in major search engines. With our guidance, clients were better able to effectively convey the nature of their business, services and products from a sales marketing standpoint to an ever expanding global audience.

As Mosaic's Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Project Manager, I worked with clients in improving their websites organically in the search engines and with our Analytics and WebTrends marketing campaigns. Using our industry-standard search engine keyphrase research, we produced constructive reports ranging from client recommendations, SEO action lists to Google Analytics research & analysis. We provided these reports during the client consultation process. Where approved, I rebuilt websites using a semantic, keyword-rich approach when we found that the website's front-end code was inaccessible with the major search engines. Lastly, we listed our clients in Google Maps, Yahoo and in major directories.

Focus | Duties New Websites SEM Project Management SEO Marketing Layout Designs Web Design & Development Webhosting & Email Accounts Newsletter Email Marketing
Expertise CSS | XHTML XML | XSLT Constant Contact JavaScript | PHP Google Analytics SEO Applications Photoshop | Fireworks Flash
Recher Theater screenshot

Recher Theater

Daily Website Editing | Email Newsletter Marketing

Rechers Theatre - like Fletchers - is a major venue for touring bands from throughout the nation and overseas (U.K., Ireland and parts of Europe) and has shows seven days a week in the evenings. 24-7 Booking, a talent agency books Recher Theatre shows months in advance and sends us emails listing new shows and events.

As the web project manager, I handled website updates of upcoming rock band shows at Rechers and major events at the Power Plant Live area in downtown Baltimore. Protocol included feature presentation design, double-checking show dates/times and handling professional band images and logos, preserving originals and working with duplicates.

Last but not least, I managed the weekly Rechers eNewsletter highlighting upcoming band events and edited newsletter issues for timed releases to Recher's 21+ thousand plus fans. Work included copywriting along with XML, XHTML and CSS coding.

Focus | Duties Web Updates Featured Event Design eNewsletter Layout Design eNewsletter Releases Subscriber List Maintenance
Expertise Constant Contact PHP | JavaScript CSS | XHTML Photoshop Fireworks
Banner Associates screenshot

Banner Human Resources

Email Newsletter Marketing

Banner Human Resources is based in Bethesda, Maryland, and is an proactive recruiting agency that maintains a relationship with job searchers and companies through online network and its eNewsletter marketing campaigns.

In addition to maintaining the website and managing eNewsletter accounts, I gathered feedback from the clients along with taking in feature aspects of their new website and created a variety of newsletter layout prototypes for the clients to assess from. After further modifications based on feedback with the staff, I implemented the winning template into the Constant Contact program using XML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. The new, clean newsletter layout conveyed the consistency, modernity, and professional services Banner HR desired to better reflect its dealings with clients.

Focus | Duties Website Updates Newsletter Email Design Weekly eNewsletter Releases Subscriber List Maintenance
Expertise Constant Contact CSS | XHTML XML | JavaScript Photoshop
Insurance Store screenshot

Insurance Store

Web Design & Development

With the Insurance Store website, the client wanted a simple design that was handsome and yet understated. We designed a website layout and I put the finishing touches to it with typography work on the 'Insurance Store' which I then worked into the home page and secondary pages. I researched and selected four photos that communicated the nature of the business, cropped and resized them and put together as an ensemble with lines worked into them.

Additionally, a major part of the project was coding in lengthy insurance forms - auto, business, home and life insurance forms. Drawing on my years of web development, I coded them in a way that presented the forms as inviting and eye pleasing rather than long and intimidating. We accomplished this and more - we built a new, online presence that is easy to work with and business oriented. Final work was done in optimizing the website for the search engines.

Focus | Duties New Website Layout Design & Implementation Extensive Insurance Forms Usability Testing
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Photoshop
CDC Five A Day screenshot

Five A Day For Health (CDC)

Major Website Project

At the Scientific Consulting Group, we completed a number of big web development projects from a variety of government agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Air Force Association, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Before the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took over the website from the NCI and re-named the site Fruits and Veggies Matter, I teamed up with one other web developer in rebuilding the new Five A Day for Health project using website layout comps. During website development, information on important vegetables and fruits were worked into the various parts of the site along with ensuing audio and video multimedia. All along, the website was made accessible to the blind and visually disabled based on Federal Section 508 guidelines.

Focus | Duties New Website Client Feedback Contact Forms Video & Audio Integration Accessibility Testing
Expertise CSS | XHTML Accessibility Tools
CMF Companies screenshot

Carl Freeman Industries

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Optimization

At Mosaic Technologies, I worked with Carl M. Freeman Companies and their website contractors on a number of search engine marketing projects. Carl M. Freeman Companies owns several real estate developments, restaurants, and golf courses. Among a handful of these, their websites that I ran 6 month SEM campaigns for were Sea Colony Resorts, Bear Trap Dunes resort & golf course, ResortQuest (Delaware beach realtor), First Republic Mortgage (since then acquired by 1st Mariner Mortgage) and lastly but not least, Carl M. Freeman Companies.

In working with these websites, we built comprehensive campaigns based on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each website, and identifying the 'big ticket' keywords in each page from a marketing-standpoint. I ran tests in industry-standard SEO tools including Google Analytics and WebTrends. We then provided the client's contractor assessment & recommendations reports complete with charts and graphs and provided feedback & consulting. We advised on which keywords, keyphrases, and title & meta tags to use in each page site-wide, and between websites. After 4-6 months we saw improved search engine results in all sites by an average of 65%.

Focus | Duties SEO Marketing Project Management Research & Analysis Client Consultations Monthly SEO Reports Recommendations Reports
Expertise Google Analytics WebTrends SEO Applications
Environmental Technology Verification screenshot

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

Website Development | Section 508 Accessibility

While at the Scientific Consulting Group, our web development team took on a major assignment, the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) website project. ETV is under the Environmental Protection Agency, and works directly with independent companies and venders in publicly introducing new, innovative technologies. These technologies have passed stringent EPA guidelines and play an improved role or niche at these companies in enhancing the quality of local rivers, surrounding land, and atmosphere in which local citizens call home.

The EPA was looking to have the old ETV website be replaced with a new, three-level template website, and to have it completed within 90 days. In addition to template design and web development work, I implemented breadcrumbs / cookie tracking in each page so visitors could more quickly surf their way around the site, and locate the information they needed. Following usability testing practices, I wrote 2-3 page assessments specifically for the EPA staff in how to better improve the website and in making it more user-friendly.

Focus | Duties Web Design & Development Website Accessibility Contact Forms Section 508 Implementation
Expertise XHTML / CSS Accessibility Tools Usability Testing
Federal Agency Conferences screenshot

Federal Agency Conferences

Web Design & Development / On-Site Technical Support

At the Scientific Consulting Group (SCG), I developed and maintained over 20+ mini-websites and online registration / databases for conferences, symposiums and workshops held by the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Environmental Protection Agency and Air Force Association.

Among conference websites was the Air Force Environmental Training Symposium and Exhibition website in which we set up an interactive table map where participants reserved tables based on location and these registrations interfaced with the Access database. This was set up using PHP, HTML and CSS programming.

Additional responsibilities included providing meeting support on-site at these conferences which including setting up local area networks (LANs) consisting of hubs, laptops and printers.

Focus | Duties New Websites Website Design & Development Content Updates Online Registration Logistics Support
Expertise Access Databases CSS | XHTML JavaScript Photoshop
Zipin Law screenshot

Zipin Law Firm, LLC

Web Design & Development | Search Engine Optimization

The people at the Zipin Law Firm needed a website that was easy to navigate and presented content in an easy-to-read manner so they came to us. We helped them choose the design comps for their website layout. I then built the website from scratch along with a detailed site map listing all the pages as found on the site. In addition, most pages include links to other pages to assist users as they browsed the site.

The Zipin website has a smart dropdown navigation bar using the CSS/JavaScript framework to make full use of bold markup tags to let users know which page they are found in. On the directions page, a Yahoo Maps API was integrated to pinpoint the location of the law offices and automatically provides the address from which to generate directions. We provided marketing research & analysis and optimized all pages for the search engines.

Focus | Duties New Website Website Design & Development Project Management Search Engine Optimization
Expertise CSS | XHTML JavaScript | PHP Google Maps API SEO Applications Photoshop
SilkRoute Security screenshot

SilkRoute Security

Web Design & Development | Search Engine Optimization

SilkRoute Security provides computer support and network security services to businesses throughout Montgomery County and the greater Washington D.C metropolitan area.

From the outset, a majority of contractual projects and freelance work including the SilkRoute Security project that I have taken on involved a client-driven web design process from conception to completion that was enjoyable and fun throughout.

In working on the SilkRoute Security project, Margie Hall and I met in person several times to flesh out the new website layout, and how it would best communicate the company's message that Margie wanted it to convey. I provided industry-standard advice in keeping discussions at a professional level.

It was during this preliminary process that I formulated her vision and concepts with a series of website layout designs. These layout designs fostered further discussions and enhanced the design process. The best features the client liked best were implemented into the final layout along with the business logo as provided. After launching the webiste, Margie felt the new website established her business with a online presence and at a personal level.

Focus | Duties New Website ReCaptcha Integration Intelligent Forms Search Engine Optimization
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Google Analytics Photoshop Illustrator
quoteAt the beginning of the project, Rob drew up a schedule and helped us stick to it by asking the right questions to keep us on track. He offered invaluable advice and guidance throughout the project, and gave our website just the look we had hoped for. His talent for design, impressive skill base, and disciplined approach made every meeting productive. His professionalism, and cheerful disposition are a winning combination in any work setting.quote

- Margie M. Hall, President, SilkRoute Security, L.L.C.

Fletchers Theater screenshot

Fletchers Bar

Web Design & Development | Email Newsletter Marketing

Fletchers, a downtown bar based in Fells Point, Baltimore is a prime location for touring rock bands from throughout the nation and internationally.

I built the Fletchers website from the ground up with a cutting-edge tableless XHTML and CSS structure layout approach. As soon as major design and development work was completed, I tested it for compatibility in all legacy and current browsers including all IE versions. Additional work included search engine optimization which resulted in Fletcher's improved performance keyword-wise in the search engines.

Last but not least, Fletcher's event director sent us professional photos weekly of touring rock bands along their event details...which we posted on their website two to three months in advance. Other project management work included providing creative direction / editing where requested in promoting downtown Baltimore rock band events on national holidays including the Fourth of July. All in all, I managed their eNewsletter in the Constant Contact program and sent out eNewsletters bi-monthly detailing band events updates to 12,400+ Flecher Bar subscribers.

Focus | Duties New Website Web Updates Feature Event Design Newsletter Email Design Monthly eNewsletter Releases Subscriber List Maintenance
Expertise Constant Contact XML | JavaScript CSS | XHTML PHP Photoshop
Word Dance Theater screenshot

Word Dance Theater

Website Updates | Newsletter Email Marketing

Word Dance, a Bethesda, MD based ballet dance company hired us to host and maintain their website, provide bi-weekly web updates and to create & manage a newsletter email marketing account. Eventually a clean, simple website re-design was built using tableless CSS & XHTML and PHP code.

Likewise, in Constant Contact, I ensured that the newsletter email template would reflect the website design, it was built using XML, XHMTL and CSS programming. I used Photoshop skills for professional image & logo handling. Additionally, a subscriber list was provided to us and the newsletter content was thoroughly updated once every month to keep subscribers informed of upcoming Word Dance shows.

Focus | Duties Web Updates Layout Redesign Newsletter Email Design Monthly eNewsletter Releases
Expertise Constant Contact CSS | XHML PHP | Javascript Photoshop WordPress
Tidewatwer Inn screenshot

Tidewater Inn

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Optimization

The Tidewater Inn is a historic hotel in the gorgeous, laid back town of Easton, Maryland, a Eastern Shore seaport on the Chesapeake Bay with serene surroundings.

In an effort to increase Tidewater Inn's local and national profile, we set out on a SEM web campaign the search engine rankings of each of its webpages. With the client, we identified our goals, which were to identify the hotel's convenient location which was within three hours away from major cities for vacations, weddings and corporate retreats. Other critical factors were to highlight important 'search' keyphrases to highlight its architecture, beautiful rooms, furniture, restaurant and backyard deck. On a side note, the hotel's back deck was the location for a wedding reception in the Hollywood movie Wedding Crashers (2005).

We then conducted research and industry-wide SEO reporting methods and produced & wrote reports based on our analysis of the facts and evidence resulting from search engine tools. Weekly monitoring of these pages along with search engine data was conducted in Google Analytics. As a result of our work, we helped Tidewater seamlessly integrate page content with marketable keyphrases. At the end, Tidewater saw listings of its webpages for marketable keywords frequently rank in first page results in major search engines - an improvement of 73%.

Focus | Duties SEO Marketing Project Management Research & Analysis Client Consultations Monthly SEO Reports Recommendations Reports
Expertise CSS | XHTML Google Analytics SEO Applications
Melehy Associates screenshot

Melehy & Associates, Attorneys At Law

Web Design & Development | Search Engine Optimization

A good amount of Photoshop work was required during the implementation process in building the Melehy & Associates website based on the project requirements. I used Photoshop to create a glow effect on the lighthouse, it's found on the left side of the Melehy & Associates homepage. It helps conveys the message that the law firm provides a constant, stable source of direction and security for clients during times of stress and trauma.

The Melehy & Associates website is nicely designed and makes good use of a blend of attractive colors on the homepage and second-level pages. Like the Zipin Law Firm website, Melehy deploys a dropdown navigation bar on its left hand side that efficiently displays its list of web pages and services. We provided keyphrase research, analysis and integration into the webpages. Melehy's organic keyphrases ranked on the first page of search engines listings in their niche - a 145% improvement.

Focus | Duties New Website Layout Design Implementation Secure Forms Search Engine Optimization
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Google Maps API Photoshop
Leahy Wealth Management screenshot

Leahy Wealth Management

Web Design & Development | Search Engine Optimization

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Leahy Wealth Management manages individual and retirement investment portfolios along with other financial services for wealthy clients.

After Leahy Wealth Management had their website be transferred to Mosaic's hosting servers, they looked to have us provide specialized web development and search engine optimization services to improve their websites rankings in the search engines. As the Search Engine Project Manager, I conducted SEM research and analysis work and found that the reason their website did poorly in the search engines was because the website was built on cumbersome, antiquated code. As a result of my research and consulting work, I was given the green-light to go ahead and rebuild the website with an new under-the-hood website structure that was up to industry standards, W3C compliant and search engine indexable.

During the website structure overhaul, I coded in the financial markets apps box and integrated in a number of pages including the home page.

Focus | Duties Website Redesign (Structure) Website Updates Project Management Web Apps Integration Search Engine Optimization
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Photoshop
The Bay Club screenshot

The Bay Club

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Bay Club is a 36-hole golf course nestled between the pine trees and pristine surroundings near Berlin on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

As the Search Engine Marketing project manager, I was responsible for assessing the performance of the Bay Club website from a search engine standpoint, and to provide work, advice, and feedback based on SEM analysis. I used search engine tools along with Google Analytics and WebTrends to run tests and to assess the performance of each page in Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. We then consulted with the clients about the performance of each Bay Club page based on the detailed recommendations reports & graphs that I wrote. In return, the client updated the Bay Club pages with keyword-rich, high performance content. Over the course of 6 and 12 month intervals, we tracked the Bay Club's keyword varaibles and documented how they trended much higher performance-wise in the search engines.

Focus | Duties SEO Marketing Project Management Research & Analysis Client Consultations Monthly SEO Reports Recommendations Reports
Expertise Google Analytics WebTrends SEO Applications
Research Travel website image

Research Travel

Web Design & Development | Search Engine Optimization

Research Travel is a woman owned, full service travel agency with over 30 years of experience. Corporate Travel Specialists specialize in making travel plans and in turn, make life easier and more enjoyable for busy families, businesspeople and individuals alike.

Content Management Systems (CMS) website updates in the Research Travel site included content revisions, website layout changes, Flash-powered navigation bars, web apps installs and coding in forms including those for travel deals by email. Travel search apps were installed so that Research Travel clients could conduct research for the best flight, hotel and auto deals on their website.

With Research Travel among other clients, I provided technical support services, suggested recommended approaches and completed effective solutions, whether clear cut or innovative. Where requested, I educated clients in working with their websites interface portals and CMS features during the troubleshooting and resolution of their work requests.

Research Travel was one of many varied CMS-powered websites I worked with that were built using off-the-shelf programs. Other similarly built websites I worked with were Goss Garage, Fed Centric Services, Nards Professional DJ Services, Jerrys Seafood among others.

Focus | Duties Website Updates Flash Updates Registration Forms Reservation Apps Content Management Services (CMS)
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Flash Photoshop
Talk of the Town website image

Talk of the Town Events Variety Entertainment

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Optimization

Talk of the Town Events has two market niches, they provide services for fun-themed parties, shows and fundraisers for children, adults and working professionals. Secondly, they sell products including outsized toys, games and a wide-ranging line of fun-themed items. One of the challenges of this website project was in figuring out the best approach, how to best market the website from a search engine marketing standpoint through such as through organic search results and/or with enhanced Google Adwords services.

In working with Talk of the Town Events, we built a comprehensive campaign, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the website, fine-tuned PHP search query commands for the webpage title tags based on the 'big ticket' products and services. All these efforts included keyword research & analysis, SEO reports complete with graphs and client consultations. This resulted in clear, concise content with a focus on products and services. As a result, Talk of the Town saw improved sales of 70% in 3 months.

Focus | Duties SEO Marketing Project Management Research & Analysis Monthly SEO Reports
Expertise CSS | XHTML PHP | JavaScript Google Analytics SEO Applications
Maryland Cued Speech Association webpage image

Maryland Cued Speech Association

Web Design & Development | Project Management

The Maryland Cued Speech Association was looking to replace their old, antiquated website with a thoroughly modern one with the real time services and benefits of Twitter. Through consultations, it was understood the design was to be clean, integrate the colors of the MDCSA logo into the layout, and have a 'suspended' navigation bar as if hovering without leaning on any site layout features.

With the consultations and website requirements down pat, it took a little more than a day to complete the website design layout top-down, which was approved by the client the next day. The layout is complete with a right side bar reserved for Twitter, and in the contact page, a secure, accessible reCaptcha and intelligent PHP form tests to ensure people have filled in the required information before submitting their messages.

The result was a clean, user-oriented design thats easy to navigate for all audiences including it's intended audience, children, families, and hearing impaired professionals. On the Camp Friendship page, it's complete with a customized rotating display featuring images from past camps, and is next to details highlighting next summer's camp getway.

Focus | Projects New Website Apps Integration Client Feedback & Consulting Intelligent Forms Website Standards
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quote"Rob was very attentive to our needs and his work on our website met our expectations. The new website that Rob designed has given us the ability to integrate more content and images in an orderly and professional manner. The media application, Twitter, and neat navigation setup enables us to communicate with our desired audience in a most effective manner. Ultimately, we wanted our website to be accessible top-down, and Rob made that happen. His dedication to assisting us with our goals is commendable and we are thrilled with the results of our website."quote

- Steve Sher, President, Maryland Cued Speech Association

Literacy Counts webpage image

Literacy Counts

Web Design & Development | Project Management

The NCSA, an active, not-for-profit association was looking to realize the fruits of their labor, a website to establish their new community service fundraising project so they inquired with me about my contractual services. One of NCSA's challenges was to come up with an appropriate website name for their new read-a-thon project. During the consultation and feedback stage, I used my search engine marketing expertise in helping them narrow down a name for their read-a-thon project, Literacy Counts.

After factoring in an audience of young students and elementary school teachers, I built a user-friendly, amiable website consisting of bookmark-style tabs, and has a positive, entertaining theme interweaved throughout the pages. It's built using light, scalable XHTML and CSS markup code which enables the site to make maximum use of social application technologies including Facebook and Twitter.

Expertly set parameters allow the website to resize appropriately based on the size of the computer monitor or screen setting. This website meets all W3C standards and is optimized for all web browsers including Internet Explorer and earlier versions.

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quote"Under an intense time frame, Rob was able to take a vision and make it a reality in developing the Literacy Counts website. LC was launched for public viewing within a month - all on schedule! I was amazed at how easy (and enjoyable) the process was to work with Rob, and very impressed his skill and expertise to take my ideas and suggestions, improve on them, and give a product that was so much better than what I had in mind. In my eyes, Rob is not just a web designer, he is also part magician!"quote

- Maria Gildea, Treasurer, Literacy Counts

Fats of Life website image

Fats Of Life

Web Development | Search Engine Optimization

Fats of Life is a comprehensive, authorative reporting agency devoted to spreading the message to an international audience about the importance of vital, healthy fats, and Omega-3 & 6 fatty-acids. This agency's reporting is based on the latest reports from prominent scientists and health advocates from prominent universities, hospitals, and in the field.

In taking this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project, we provided research & analysis, industry-wide SEO reporting methods, and producing SEO reports complete with graphs and bulleted action items from Google Analytics and Adwords. As a result of this work we seemlessly added 'high-performance' keywords & keyphrases in the first few paragraphs of each page to improve the 'weight' and 'focus' of each content's topic theme. This approach was applied site-wide. At then end, we saw that our work produced the effect of 'floating all boats' when it became apparent all Fats of Life webpages had an improved online prescence through the major search engines.

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